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Data Murmur (2012)

Video, 03:19
The notable Italian political philosopher Franco "Bifo" Berardi recites a random poem of HTML code twice. First on the left of the split screen the camera maintains its distance allowing the bard to enact the poem, his shock of silver hair melting into the backdrop of tree branches.

Blind Man’s Bluff (2002)

Single Channel Video, 01:58
A performance of a dream sequence is projected upon a head in front of a movie screen. The action takes place in Los Angeles on Beverly Boulevard that is adjacent to a building with a mirror surface. The performance is videotaped in the reflection of this building sometimes cutting to the real street scene. The constructed narrative concerns a blind man walking down the street and his uncovering of the diabolic clown under the happy clown’s costume, a truth which only the blind man can know. Crippled vision becomes thereby a metaphor…

The Mutated Observer, part 2

California Museum of Photography
Riverside, CA (US)

The Mutated Observer, part 1

California Museum of Photography, Riverside, California, 2001

Beyond the Vanishing Point Los Angeles

In this work two actors reenact a chance meeting on the streets of LA, something that rarely happens. The events are recorded in the reflection of a building covered with mirrored surfaces at 8132 Beverly Drive. The photographs are taken of that reflection in three ways and as such reflect the historical and ontologic conditions of vision itself. First Cartesian Perspectivalism which is best illustrated in Renaissance Paintings is created through the ways George Burns Avenue cuts…

Law of Loci (1998-99)

This work was made between 1998 and 2000. Law of Loci is the title of a mnemonic device of the same name invented for orators by Cicero. When remembering a speech the speaker would divide up his or her text and assign a part to a particular room in a house that he or she was familiar with. The different sections of that part would be assigned to different pieces of furniture or objects in the room. When the orator gave the speech it simply became a matter of moving through…

Resistance is Futile/Resistance is Fertile
(2006 – 2012)

Two neon signs are superimposed one upon the other. One in green says "Resistance is Fertile", while another one in red says "Resis tance is Futile". When one sign is lit, the other statement is quiescent…

Horizon Swell (2011)

Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, 2011
Pigment Print, Variable
For the work ‘Horizon Swell’, 2011, Warren Neidich has once again returned to Malibu, California, the site of his earlier work ‘Double Vision, Malibu’, 1999, to investigate the conditions of this alienation and anxiety as we enter into the new unknowns of the age of information. In ‘Horizon Swell’, 2011, made some 10 years later, using surfers as the metaphor of his investigations, Neidich has taken these one step further…

Acceptable Differences

January 2011
Belgrade Cultural Center
Curated by Maja Ciric

Education of the Eye, 2010

Education of the Eye, 2010. Performative intallation, variables dimensions

In The Mind’s I (2009-2010)

Performance on Dec. 5, 2009 at Maison Gregoire, Brussels |
May, 2010 at Kunsthalle Athena, Athens |
July 30-31, 2010 at LAXART, Los Angeles

In the Mind’s I is a one-on-one performative art work in which Warren Neidich utilizes visual memories of objects and scenarios of participants and a set of presented real objects from which the visitor may choose from to create works of art in their mind’s eye. The Minds Eye Becomes a kind of Stage in a Theater of consciousness that doubles as an immaterial Exhibition space…