Berlin Works: The Noologist’s Handbook and Other Art Experiments

Contributors: Suzana Milevska, Claudia Slaner, Julia Wirxel, John C. Welchman, Bruce Wexler, John Roberts, Franco “Bifo” Berardi
Archive Books, 2013
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This publication focuses on a series of recent projects of the Berlin-based American artist Warren Neidich, whose central preoccupation is, in fact, art research. More importantly, in focusing upon art practices that revolve around profound investigations of the complex reciprocal relation between contemporary theories of cognition, neuroplasticity, and art, on the one hand, and the emergence of new reciprocal relations between mind and creativity in the context of cognitive capitalism, semiocapitalism, and neurobiopolitics, on the other, Neidich’s research produces outcomes that challenge the very notions of the development of truth and knowledge.

Texts by Franco “Bifo” Berardi, John Roberts, Suzana Milevska, John C. Welchman, Bruce Wexler, and an interview with Warren Neidich by Claudia Slaner.










Cognitive Architecture. From Bio-politics to Noo-politics

Edited by Deborah Hauptmann and Warren Neidich, published by 010 Publishers, Rotterdam.
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From Noopower to Neuropower: How Mind Becomes Matter (1.4 Mb)

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