Warren Neidich, "Pizzagate – From Rumor To Delusion," 2019, Full HD Video, 19:19 min

Interview with Warren Neidich –Artworks about Post-Truth Society and Activist Neuroaesthetics

October 5, 2022 by Hsiang-Yun Huang


“What connects activist neuroaesthetics to material philosophers is the idea that art is something of a record of a morphogenic ontology of aesthetic production, whereby the changing and historical relations – social, political, economic and historical – culminate in objects and things that express these changes. The form a becoming cultural milieu or habitus that then elicits changes in the brain. In fact, they mirror each other and coevolve together. The cultural matrix and the material brain are constantly evolving in tandem. The brain is not an unchangeable essence. The brain isn’t just in the skull. It is entangled with this extracranial component of the socio-political, economic and historical milieu. There is a morphogenetic process that is going on in this milieu, but there is also a morphogenetic process going on inside the brain. Bernard Stiegler called this a technological evolution rather than one instigated by genetic mutations alone, i.e. an exosomatic organogenesis.” — Warren Neidich