Installation view, Warren Neidich: The Brain Without Organs: The Aporia of Care, at Museum of Neon Art, California, 2022. Courtesy the Museum of Neon Art.

Warren Neidich:The Brain Without Organs: An Aporia of Care

September 2022 by Anuradha Vikram


“In a neurological sense, humans are already biological machines, in that our thoughts and actions are powered by electrical synapses. These countless tiny surges travel through the vast crenulated landscape of the brain, transported by axons that act as conduits to move energy from one place to another. For Warren Neidich, who studied neurobiology before becoming a conceptual artist, the workings of the brain are an endless source of fascination. His exhibition at the Museum of Neon Art, The Brain Without Organs: An Aporia of Care, takes a radically deconstructive approach to the brain as a material organ and as an emblem of human intellect, the source of our unique evolutionary advantage.” – Anuradha Vikram