Toni Ross and Sara Salaway. "When," 2020. Drive-By-Art South Fork, Long Island, New York. Organized by Warren Neidich. Courtesy of the artists.

The Pandemic Closed Art Galleries’ Doors. But Who Said a Gallery Needs Four Walls and a Ceiling?

June 11, 2022 by Anna Purna Kambhampaty


“Organized by Los Angeles–based conceptual artist and theorist Warren Neidich, ‘Drive-by-Art’ is a unique blend of the physical and digital that creates a socially distant art experience. Aimed at bringing art back to its starting place, the artist’s studio—where Neidich believes the work is in its purest and most powerful state—his shows allow spectators to use an online map to drive past works displayed on artists’ lawns, porches and mailboxes from the safety of their cars.”
— Anna Purna Kambhampaty