Untitled Program


For this project the Body-Wall was installed in the context of a white cube. A mimetic wall is built in the gallery space. Visitors are not initially aware of the presence of the wall, while those who have been in the gallery before are aware of an uncanny difference. The phenomenology of the space changes and Body/Wall thus becomes a work about the phenomenologic uncanny. As the visitors walk inside the gallery, they discover the entrance to the wall by chance. The wall is expanded to 60cm from its normal condition of 10cm, thus acquiring a new depth and expanding metric relations into typological warped ones. A two-sided rotating mirror is also installed in the gallery space as part of this work. Random turnings of the mirror by visitors to the gallery enable visitors inside the wall to get different views of the space.

Moving inside the walls of the gallery is an uncomfortable state of being as it constantly unmasks the hidden and secret as the inside hybridity. Once inside the wall, the visitors can look through two different holes drilled in the walls. The first hole is aligned with the rotating mirror and gives them a complete 360-degree view of the gallery and the works in it. The other aperture in the back of the wall opens onto a mini DVD screen in which a section of Belle De Jour with Catherine Deneuve, directed by Luis Buñuel has been ripped and altered. In this looping 5sec clip the actress is seen to become part of an obsessive-compulsive action of looking through and looking away from a peephole.